Our services can be divided into three different categories:


Simply put, instructional design is the development of learning content created to satisfy a specific knowledge or skill based need. When designing learning content for adults, there are a number of special considerations that should be taken into account. That’s where an adult educator comes in. In our Instructional Design process, we follow four steps:

  1. Needs Analysis – we get a full picture of exactly you need (and what you don’t). This step is critical to ensure that any training you implement will directly align with your business goals.
  2. Design – we work with your internal Subject Matter Experts to create custom training materials and job aids.
  3. Implementation – we establish a realistic implementation plan and timeline that works for your organization, including long-term training strategies and train-the-trainer programs
  4. Evaluation– we use various evaluation techniques to ensure that what has been designed will meet your needs over time



Traditionally referenced as “Soft Skills,” these courses are anything but soft. The focus here is on the skills needed to interact and communicate effectively with those around us, including team mates, direct reports, superiors, other departments, etc. Here are a few samples of our offerings:

  • Performance Feedback
  • Active Listening and Effective Questioning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Presentation Skills
  • Meeting Management
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Job Instruction (Shop-Floor Training)
  • Leading Effective Teams

We would happy to work together with you to tailor any of these offerings to your specific delivery needs.


Conducted by Microsoft Certified Instructors, our courses can help give your personnel the tools and skills they need to be more effective when performing daily tasks. We focus on time saving techniques that help take average users to the next level.

  • Microsoft Excel *
  • Microsoft PowerPoint*
  • Microsoft Word *
  • Microsoft Outlook *
  • Microsoft Visio *
  • Microsoft Project *
  • Windows XP End User
  • Windows 7 End User
  • Web Research


* Microsoft Office Products can be trained in any different edition

For questions regarding any of our services, please visit our contact page and leave us a message.