Why Training in Isolation Doesn’t Work

A while back, I was speaking with a colleague who was working with an organization to launch their Lean Manufacturing implementation. We talked about what strategies he planned to start with and then I asked him what training he would be rolling out. He replied that he wasn’t going to do any training, as they had tried […]

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Earlier this year I spent some time travelling around Germany, and this caused me to reflect a lot on communication. The majority of my travel was with many German-speaking colleagues, so I began taking for granted how easy it was to get around, follow street signs, and even order dinner! Over the weekend, however, as […]

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Brain Plasticity

I often hear adults tell me “I can’t learn like I used to” or “I’m too old to take more courses.” As a practitioner of learning, I tend to get frustrated with these types of comments. Why shouldn’t adults learn? Do we flick a switch at age 25 that stops the information flow to our […]

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